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Cashtree is the largest mobile advertising platform in Indonesia. Starting in 2022, Cashtree is adopting the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide transparency to both Cashtree users and advertisers. Cashtree is building the ecosystem to grant our users a reward to step into the new world of cryptocurrency.

Cashtree :

The Gate of Crypto

Adoption in Indonesia

Cashtree believes that the world is vastly changing, and part of it is the blockchain that has taken over the financial industry by storm. Unfortunately, blockchain is still not widely or systematically understood. Many people in Indonesia either do not realize exactly how blockchain can help them, or do not understand how start entering the crypto world.

Through the Cashtree blockchain project,

Cashtree is committed to be the “gate” for crypto adoption in Indonesia.

What is :

Cashtree Token ‘CTT’

Cashtree Token (CTT) is the newly introduced incentives for users inside of the Cashtree app and Cashtree Business Ecosystem. Cashtree Token will be used along with Cashtree Poin ; our current incentives for users inside of Cashtree apps that can be exchanged with various rewards inside of Cashtree apps; during early transition time, and later on will be fully implemented as the sole reward inside of Cashtree. Aligned with Cashtree’s mission to be the "gate" of the Crypto adoption in Indonesia, we also want to bring the benefits of crypto and embody the democratization of the economy for all of our users. The Cashtree Token (CTT) implementation will introduce the various utilities and bring tons of benefits for Cashtree users.

How to earn CTT

Through The Cashtree App

Users can earn Cashtree Token (CTT) from their participation in various activities and events on Cashtree Apps. So Cashtree Token (CTT) is Enganged-To-Earn model.

Deposit on Exchange

Cashtree Token (CTT) can also be acquired by buying the CTT on crypto exchanges that list Cashtree Token (CTT). Cashtree is aiming to have CTT to be listed on global exchanges in 2023.

CTT Utility

Cashtree Token (CTT) is a blockchain based rewards system that provides vast benefits towards users. Cashtree Token (CTT) will have 3 main utilities that users can enjoy thus increasing the benefits that Cashtree presents towards Users. These functionalities include staking feature, exchange token into vouchers, and token withdrawal through listed exchanges.


Exchanges Cashtree Token (CTT) into various Shopping and Discount Vouchers. Once users earn Cashtree Token (CTT), they can easily exchange their CTT into various and valuable rewards on Cashtree platform. Several rewards that will be provided on the platform, but not limited to, such as Digital Vouchers (various discount vouchers and shopping vouchers to be used on various merchant partners in Indonesia). Using Cashtree Token CTT, users will be able to get special discounts and offers coming from all the merchants that partner with Cashtree.


Earn interest and passive income with Cashtree Token CTT Staking features. Users can grow their CTT and earn CTT rewards by locking the CTT for a period of time and earning interest. Cashtree will also provide extra bonus rewards for users who participate and stake their CTT in Cashtree Token CTT Stake event.


Withdraw and trade Cashtree Token to the user’s exchange wallet, or other crypto wallet. One of the benefits of Cashtree Token (CTT) is the fact that CTT can be trade into IDR, once Cashtree Token CTT is listed on crypto exchange in Indonesia. So, let’s Enganged and Earn with Cashtree! Unlike our previous rewards Cashtree Point which can not be monetized, Cashtree Token (CTT) can be monetized by users. Once they earn Cashtree Token CTT, they can easily withdraw their CTT into their exchange wallet, and trade their Cashtree Token CTT with currency and or other digital assets. NOTE : Please note that this utility will be available once Cashtree Token (CTT) is listed on crypto exchange in Indonesia.

Cashtree prioritizes the development of Cashtre’s Token’s function so that it can provide more benefits for users. This means the token’s functions are not limited to being exchanged for rewards available on the Cashtree platform but across all products and partners in the Cashtree ecosystem.

CTT Tokenomics

Cashtree Tokens will be released with a maximum amount of 5,000,000,000 Cashtree Token (CTT) with the following distribution:

  • Private Sale 12%

  • Public Sale 5%

  • Foundation (Corporation) 10%

  • Team 10%

  • Partner 8%

  • Advisors 2%

  • Ecosystem (User Benefit) 30%

  • Ecosystem (Marketing) 10%

  • Liquidity 6%

  • Reserves & Contingency 7%

Description Vesting Period Percentage Number of Token
Distribution Terms
Distribution Terms
Total Token Circulation 5,000,000,000
Private Sale 18 Months Upfront Lockup Monthly Distribution across 24 months 12% 600.000.000
Public Sale No Lockup No distribution until new exchange listing 5% 250.000.000
Foundation (Corporation) 18 Months Upfront Lockup Monthly Distribution across 36 months 10% 500.000.000
Team 6 Months Upfront Lockup Monthly Distribution Across 36 months 10% 500.000.000
Partner18 Months Upfront Lockup Monthly Distribution Across 24 months 8% 400.000.000
Advisor 18 Months Upfront Lockup Monthly Distribution Across 24 months 2% 100.000.000
(Ecosystem) User Benefit No Lockup Monthly distribution across 60 months 30% 1.500.000.000
(Ecosystem) Marketing No Lockup Monthly Distribution across 24 months 10% 500.000.000
Liquidity No Lockup No Lockup 6% 300.000.000
Reserves & Contingency No Lockup No Lockup 7% 350.000.000

Dev. Roadmap

CTT Ecosystem

Cashtree is a mobile advertising platform based on reward app which aims to become the most influential mobile media reaching mid class Indonesians and has been installed by more than 10 million users by Indonesian people.

Hotdeal are a new platform providing new experience of shopping, present as new e commerce platform utilizing video as main communication to it’s audience. Providing immersive video shopping to enhance all sides of product that can attract audience and boost they desire to shop even more.

Lagi Santai is a new place, new home for content creators, storytellers, experts from various fields even for a new comers. This is the place where all participants can exchange information, interact, share works and ideas to be present to the world and inspires souls out there.

Here are the official community channels for Cashtree Token Project

CTT Team

The team behind CTT is a team of smart, passionate, committed, and fun people. This team is for those who believe in the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for a better future.

Team Member

Founder & Co-CEO

Dallen Kim

  • Co-Founder & COO of Neoplea
  • (Developed “Dungeon & Fighter”, the highest grossing game of all time)
  • Working in Neople from beginning until exit
  • Investor & Advisor, Pulse9 - Company that develops the first global Virtual Idol "ETERNITY"
  • 22+ years of experience in StartUp / IT
  • Advisor & Investor on various startup companies Industry


  • PT. Cashtree For Indonesia

    Head of Business Development

  • MarComm Asst. Manager - AXA Mandiri GI

    Business Development - PEACH (UK AdTech Company)

  • Master Degree in Design - ITB
  • 12+ years of experience in creative industry as Project Manager dealing with global clients

Agust Tampubolon

  • Software Architecture & Senior Engineer
  • Front End Developer Asst. Manager AXA Services Indonesia
  • SCRUM Certified
  • B.S in Information System
  • 10+ years of experience in IT Industry
Co-Founder & CPO

Robin Jang

  • CoinOne Indonesia COO
  • Publishing PM for Perfect World
  • Bachelor's Degree in UIBE, China
  • 14+ years of experience in IT Industry
Head Designer


  • Graphic Designer with 12+ years of experience in design and creative industries
  • Hakuhodo Indonesia Advertising Agency
  • Electronic Solution
  • Topindo Lucky Sport
  • PT. Cashtree For Indonesia
  • B.A Visual Communication Design
Sr. Software Engineer

Ridcat Simbolon

  • 10+ years experience in IT industry
  • B.S Informatics Engineering
  • PT. ARC Indonesia
  • PT. HDI Indonesia
  • PT. Cashtree For Indonesia

    Senior IT Manager & Backend Programmer

Product Development

Rifa Herlandy

  • 10+ years of experience in IT Industry
  • B.S Information System
  • PT. Media Baru Digital
  • PT. Cashtree For Indonesia

    Project Operation Manager

    Product Development Manager



Alexander Markl

  • Current co-founder, CEO of Sun Labs, Digital asset management solution provider
  • Prev. Co-Founder, CIO of SW Capital; crypto quant trading firm ($50m AUM)
  • 12 years experience in digital product engineering, 6 years in quantitative digital asset trading

Keebeom Kim

  • Current CTO of Kakao Entertainment, CEO of Supercomix
  • Founded Valuepotion, a data-driven marketing/advertisement platform startup, in 2015 and sold the business in 2017
  • 20+ years of engineering and platform business not only in Korea, but also in South East Asia


  • Current co-Founder, CFO of Sun Labs, Digital asset management solution provider
  • Prev. Co-founder of crypto quant trading firm SW Capital, overseeing quantitative strategy research
  • 6 years experience in digital asset trading
  • Expert in quantitative analysis, econometrics, data science

Heuibae Kim

  • CEO & Founder SOMESING

    Blockchain based karaoke apps on Klaytn with more than 1.5M users and 10M TX

  • Solid business relationships with major mobile companies in Korea
  • 7+ years of experience, comprehensive technical know-how and expertise in mobile “Singing Content Platform” and blockchain Industry

Sangsoo Kim

  • 20 years experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Infrastructure and Startup
  • CPA, CFA
  • Accounting Director - MVL
  • Regional Head - Korea Venture Investment Corporation
  • KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp.


  • 20 years experience in the finance and technology sectors.
  • Investment strategist - Citibank
  • Co-founder of Jenga K (Blockchain consultancy) and Lodestart (Startups research)

    Accelerating and advising various global blockchain projects


Gun Gun Febrianza

  • 9 years experience in the IT Development
  • 5 years of experience in blockchain scene Blockchain Architect PT Rantai Oxygen Indonesia
  • Author of 6 Programming Books
  • Founder of Discord Blockchain Indonesia (DBI)

Jay Lim

  • 10+ years of experience in Startup Acceleration, Investment, and Strategy.
  • Vice President/Hanwha Asset Management/Global Innovation Team
  • Shinhan Financial Group
  • E&Y


  • B.A Humanities in Korean Studies
  • ASEAN International Mobility Scholarship Awardee
  • Harvard National MUN Diplomatic Commendation
  • Euro MUN Academic Excellence

Nikolay "Niko" Akatyev

  • 8 years cyber security experience, 10 years software development experience
  • Digital forensics mentor at Korea Best of the Best (BoB) Cybersecurity program.
  • Founder of Seoul Tech Society, crew at Div0 Singapore cybersecurity community & organizer of Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC).
  • Organizing Committee International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime (ICDF2C).
  • Regularly published academic papers and presented at cyber security conferences.

Robby Jeo

  • Founder & CEO Komunitas (IDO Platform)
  • Serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor
  • Polygon Advocates for Indonesia Region
  • Highly analytical skill, effective communicator, and serious amount of business acumen. His strength is at Business Development to expansion and building connections.

Nanda Ivens

  • Former CMO of Tokocrypto
  • 20+ years experience in advertising, communication, and digital marketing
  • Former Director of Edelman Digital

    Former CEO XM Gravity

    Former APAC CEO of Mirum Agency

    Former Strategic Advisor of Telkomsel